How to reduce Cholesterol in Blood


    How to Reduce  Cholesterol Level In Blood

    Cholesterol is one cause of high blood pressure in humans. Indonesia is a country whose country does not escape from the number of cholesterol sufferers. However, Indonesia is also not among the top 10 in the country of cholesterol and obesites and high blood pressure and heart disease.
    Many of us from the effects of globalization are beginning to move toward the consumption of the United States (which is the country’s highest cholesterol according to WHO), as the number of junk food and instant foods that began to enter Indonesia. Moreover, the people of Indonesia, we we like to eat organ organs of animals such as innards and the like. It is actually not wrong in sufficient quantities.
    However, if excess and drought is also not good. So before we go further, I need to explain that the cholesterol in our body comes from the organs of the Heart and from outside the food. There are two types of cholesterol in our blood that is HDL (good cholesterol) and LDL (bad cholesterol).
    But you should not be mistaken first problem of LDL or “bad” cholesterol must be totally lost from your body. According to Siencedaily, LDL is needed by the body in sufficient quantities to help muscle formation after exercise. If the introduction is enough cholesterol problem, let’s go to the main article how to lower cholesterol, but before I explain first what causes high cholesterol so you more easily lower your cholesterol and maintain a proper diet. Causes of Cholesterol How to lower cholesterol | Blood cholesterol tests can show the cholesterol part of your blood.
    If you have not tested, then you should test especially if you feel your body getting tired quickly and feel sluggish. Cholesterol levels in our blood can be guessed from the size or obesity of a person, but we can not generalize and make the justification that all the chubby have high cholesterol and the cholesterol does not have high cholesterol. This understanding is not right.
    After you test and test your results as below (test done when fasting or not eating):   
    normal: 150 mg / dL     
    at the high limit: 150 to 199 mg / dL     
    height: 200 to 499 mg / dL     
    very high:> 500 mg / dL
    After knowing your triglyceride test results, do not worry if your cholesterol is high. Take it easy. This is not a death sentence for you who, after a cholesterol test, know that your cholesterol is high again.
    However, you should be aware, that high cholesterol can cause high blood pressure, and severe blockage of blood vessels and heart attacks. So kudu overcome early on yeah well. For the high again height, take the example 500, you should take the drug from the doctor first. Also supported by keeping the diet. If your cholesterol is already at high limits, and you’ve been taking drugs for a while, it’s good to stop because all doctors certainly do not recommend taking drugs for too long.
    There are several things that can raise your cholesterol, namely:     
    • Smoke     
    • Junk food     
    • Eat more chocolate and cheese     
    • Lazy sports (frequent sit)     
    • JOMBLO (Not married)
    This article on how to lower cholesterol is present to broaden your horizons of good and proper cholesterol handling problems. Even if you look at online store stores and many others, many of the medicinal herbs that have been clinically proven safe and effective halal effective to lower cholesterol.
    Below, I give you some recipes and ingredients to help lower your cholesterol healthily, slowly and keep you from drug dependence and impaired liver function later on due to frequent drug consumption. For safe and good, check cholesterol before starting the following diet and one week after eating the following foods.

    How to Lower High Cholesterol Naturally


    You know oatmeal right? This product that has been proven by all health and medical experts can be an excellent daily diet to reduce cholesterol and lower high cholesterol. In addition, proven oatmeal content capable of healthy heart and blood vessels.

    Remember the advertisement of one of the Quekeroat foods? So the fiber in oatmeal that is beta glucan (source: oatmeal benefits) is proven and claimed by many researchers able to lower LDL in blood.

    Red wine

    Manfaat anggur merah menurunkan kolesterol darah

    If you have enough money I think there is no harm in the consumption of red wine every day. Red wine somewhat expensive yah, but the benefits are very good for lowering cholesterol in the blood. Research in Madrid shows that regular consumption of red wine lowers LDL as much as 9-12%.

    Omega 3 in fish

    Previously, I have explained the benefits of salmon and omega 3 contained therein. One of them is lowering your cholesterol. In addition, omega 3 is also very useful for children’s intelligence because it helps build nerves in your brain and increase brain mass of children. Please read the article below for more details.

    Myriad Benefits Of Salmon Oil For Health

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    The myriad benefits of salmon for babies and mothers


    Nuts are one of the cheapest and most healthful products to lower LDL cholesterol by raising your HDL cholesterol levels. In addition, nuts contain high protein.

    Therefore do not miss to consume some types of foods derived from nuts such as tempeh, tofu, almonds, walnuts, soy milk. In addition, one of the most popular in the community is polokyo peanuts.

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    You must have seen and eaten alpulkates a lot. Avocado fruit is a magical fruit that is very good for diet and healthy skin especially for women.

    Avocado is also very good for lowering cholesterol in the blood. Try deh, drink Coconut Avocado juice every day, guaranteed your cholesterol down (Just do not also eat that can increase your high cholesterol well like Cow brain and the like). There are many other benefits of avocados that I will explain further.

    Black tea

    Black tea is very powerful to maintain your health. This has been proven in the plains of China since the time of the kingdom first. Even according to research from USDA, drinking black tea every day can lower cholesterol in our body by 10% in 3 weeks.

    For more, please read the article below about the benefits of black tea.

    Olive oil

    Olive oil is very good for lowering LDL cholesterol in your body and also increase the levels of HDL in your body. In addition, olive oil is great for skin and skin firmness. This is certainly very useful for Wife and female woman well.

    Because olive oil and other preparations of olives is indeed proven to reduce the bad cholesterol levels in our bodies. Besides, there is also olive oil that is used specifically for our consumption directly. Some experiences from the closest people prove that drinking one tablespoon of olives can relieve pain due to joint pain and also increase our stamina.

    In addition to the above foods, actually there are many other foods that are very good for lowering your cholesterol. Some of the above ingredients are just some of the references I had sought. Please try. For those who want more simple, please buy medicinal herbs available in the market.

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    In addition, drinking enough water or 1.5 liters per day is highly recommended for people with high cholesterol. And also regular exercise, such as jogging run as far as 1 km. Just a little kok, essentially had a little sweat. LDL in your blood will be used to maintain the condition of your muscles that have been invited to run. The last tip for married people is to keep your PASUTRI relationship, because research shows you can lower blood pressure and lower bad cholesterol in your blood.

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